Horny Toads Surf Wax is locally owned and operated by Shaun and his wife Kasie, both San Diego natives who have had strong bonds to the ocean their entire lives.

Shaun has been an avid surfer for over 45 years. His connection to the surfing community has deep roots, starting with his father Wayne “Frog”, President and founder of the PB Horny Toads

The Horny Toads were a bunch of young surfers that surfed in Pacific Beach, California at Crystal Pier and to the end of Emerald St, otherwise known to them as “Toad Land.” The Toads were a great bunch of surfers who knew how to have fun in and out of the water. Their comical antics and shenanigans were known up and down the California coast and even into Arizona and Baja, Mexico. Some of the Toads that became well known in the surfboard industry include Hank Warner (https://hankwarner.com) and Mike Lovell (https://instagram.com/sandiegofincompany).

When Shaun's favorite scent of surf wax was being discontinued, his wife suggested they make it themselves the way he envisioned surf wax was meant to be made! In his 45+ years of surfing, his opinion is the wax had gotten worse not better. So, after a lot of research and a lot of hard work, formulating and testing in their kitchen, getting rider feedback, and then more fine tuning, they narrowed it down to what in their opinion is a superior surf wax. 

About our blends:*Combination blend of waxes used including: non-toxic, natural, biodegradable, organic and vegetable * High quality tackifiers * Our scents are phthalate-free, we use recycled paper to wrap our bars. By adding a very basic, organic compound (that comes from our oceans/beaches) to our surf wax formulas it will help the fight in coral bleaching and the endangerment of marine species.This compound contains a natural substance capable of neutralizing harmful acids found in the ocean. 

Try a bar and feel the difference, with less waxing in between surf sessions, and no basecoat needed.

Take off all that other wax and apply our Surf Wax to a naked surfboard, you will be glad you did!

TOADS = Take Off And Dominate Surf

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Shaun & Kasie