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 Horny Toads Surf Wax Formulas 

~ Cool/Warm 58°-71°
~ Tropical 72° and above


 Our bars last longer, go further then those other surf wax brands so less waxing in between sessions!


TOADS = Take Off And Dominate Surf



Surf Wax Scents: 

Root Beer, Pineapple, Cherry, Coconut, Grape, Pink Bubble Gum & Vanilla

*Non-Scented Wax available

Purchase Wax & Swag* at the following retail locations:

7-Eleven Pacific Beach Cass & Loring St
Jug Liquor Store Pacific Beach
PB Surf Shop Pacific Beach*
Clairemont Surf Shop*
Bird Rock Surf Shop
Soul Grind Skate Shop
Pastel Surf South Park
Liquor Box La Jolla
Bay Ho Liquor
Shell Del Mar Heights Road
Food City Liquor Pacific Beach Garnet Ave
Play it again Sports Pacific Beach
Arbor San Diego Pacific Beach
Ace Liquor South Mission Beach
Hub Liquor Mission Beach
Heidi's Liquor Pacific Beach/La Jolla
Coconut Peet's Surfboard Repair and Trading
Red 3 Surf Pacific Beach/La Jolla*
PB Express Market Liquor


*Wholesale Customers: Minimum order 1/2 case=30 bars can mix scents, please contact us for wax & swag pricing*

Original Surf Wax

A Toadally Rad~Tacky Sticky No Slip Grip~Maximum traction-No Gooey Mess~Easy Application~Small Micro Beads~Superior Surf Wax! 

No base coat needed, just apply and go rip! 

Tropical Surf Wax

A Toadally Rad~Tacky Sticky No Slip Grip~Maximum Traction-No Gooey Mess~Small Micro Beads~Superior Surf Wax for Warm/Tropical conditions that Stays Hard and won't get soft! 

Gallery of Toads and ToadLand